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Agro- Industry Arian Taam Khazar company is located in Amol, Chamestan industrial complex, has established in 2006 with brand name of Vioni . This company aimed to organize and establish the relationship between production and consumption chain continuous improvement in order to increase customer satisfaction and presence in domestic and international market with high quality and makes it possible to comply with global standards . In this regard has been used from plentiful competent experts . The aim of this complex is getting products in minimum time with the nest quality and price . This company started its activity with coagulation of contract with famers, purchase, oil import and oil seeds including sunflower, soybean and has a long history in oil production .
Agro- Industry Arian Taam Khazar sustainable development- set his mission with perceptual access to goods and provides proper price with the use of superior technology through goods offer . The honor of Vioni oil is that improves itself with high speciality and knowledge, goods distribution and its business gradation and goods distribution in country .
Some of the company activity as described below :
Annual production and mercantile of  70000 tons of edible oil including soybean, sunflowers, frying oil, oil seed and olive (extra virgin and refined) oil . This company has experienced with wide range of clients including hotels, restaurants, factories and industrial center that have recently established every strong database of customers in this company that is over 1000 customers and almost 50 percent have continuous activity with this company .
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