Household oils

The best household oils

Vioni household oils to cook a great meal in your kitchen!

Special oils

Vioni special oils

Vioni special oils, for health and longer life

Industrial oils

The best oils of industry

16 kg cans

Super Luxury Oil (Cold Pressed)

Vioni super luxury oils with high quality and the most pleasant taste! Made by cold pressing oil extraction method. Cold pressed is a method for mechanical pressing of seeds to remove oils without the use of heat. The product contains no chemical preservatives and additives. This method was called Assari (oil extraction) in the past. In the cold press method, the oil extracted while preserving the greatest amount of active ingredients such as Vitamin E and monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. The very best seed varieties are selected for the cold press since it is essential for their superior taste. In the course of this operation, the temperature of the liquid oil amounts to 40°C. This heat exerted on the oilseeds is the same as the heat that the oilseeds sustain under the sunlight in their native country. Natural non-refined cold-pressed oils are distinguished from other refined oil products (neutral oils) due to their superior taste, scent, and color. Oil extraction via cold press helps preserve the quality and natural properties of the oil.


The best beans

Vioni beans! Legumes are among the nutrients in the diet of people all over the world and are rich in vegetable protein, fiber, vitamin B, iron, calcium and potassium. In terms of nutrients, legumes, like the meat family, are rich in protein, although they have lower levels of iron and instead lack saturated fat.


The best cereals

Cereals are considered among the largest sources of energy in the world.


The best spice

By adding the best spices to your food, you can use their benefits for your health in addition to making the food tasty.

Rock candy

In different flavors

Candy is one of the foods that can be used correctly to solve many physical problems, and due to its wonderful taste and aroma, its consumption will multiply the pleasure of drinking tea and your drinks.

Headquarters: Unit 75, 7th Floor, No 1609, Negin Gholhak Building, At The Corner of The Kolahdooz ST., Shariati ST., Tehran, IRAN. 

 Postal Code: 1939616888

Vioni Sales Office Tel.: +982191002850

Complaint: +982191002850

Working Hours: 07:30 - 16:30 (Saturday to Wednesday) - 07:30 - 12:00 (Thursday) 

Vioni Agencies:

Babol (Jamshidiyeh, Babol):
Address: Corner of Tohid 51, Western Beltline of City, Babol 

Tel.: (+9811) 32325280

Southern Unit, Ground Floor, No. 209, Hafez St., Molakala St., Noor City, Central Region, Noor

Tel.: (+98911) 1277120

Across from Parisan Banquet Hall, Past Ghoreyshi Turn, Babolsar-Babol Road

Tel.: (+9811) 32380194


Vioni, calling for “Sustainable health,” is the outcome of five decades of the experience of elite specialists and energetic endeavors of professional Iranian managers in the field of oil extraction from oilseeds and production of vegetable oil. Vioni International Holding as the parent company of this great complex comprises the following subdivisions:
1. Arian Taam Khazar Agro Industry

2.Arin Behin Agriculture Company

3.Nikan Bahr Khazar Company (Import Oil Reservoirs at Amirabad Port)

4. International Division (Canada) Golden Crops Enterprises Ltd. and Nimex Financial Inc.

5. International Division (Turkey) ROYAL PETEK DIS

Vioni various factories located at:
1. Arian Taam Khazar: No. 47, Kord Abad Industrial Zone, Chamestan
2. Golbahar Parsian: 15th St., Zarndiyeh County, 70th Kilometer of Saveh-Tehran Expressway
3. Golbahar Silk Road: No. 215, 3rd Pazhuhesh St., Ivanaki Industrial Zone, Past Sharif Abad, Imam Reza Road
4. Nab: Across from Airport, 10th Kilometer Namin Ardabil Road, Ardabil
5. Kandouj Bran Processing: Sarv 4, Sowme'eh Sara Industrial Zone, Past Ziabar, Rasht-Astara Road, Sowme'eh Sara County, Guilan Province